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Zooptoon is a political cartoonist and an artist from Detroit, Michigan, USA. His political cartoons are known to be vulgar. Such cartoons containing blood and violent imagery, one of which containing curb-stomping for example.

Zooptoon is also known for being an anti-Zoophilia advocate, and even openly admits to doxxing "Zoosadists."


In mid-May 2019, Zooptoon started uploading casual artwork onto his Twitter account before getting into producing political cartoons. He previously did quick and poorly-drawn sketches on 9gag and on Discord.

Involvement With the Furry Community[edit]

Zooptoon has participated very little in the furry community. Zooptoon describes himself as a "self-loathing" furry, and was only into the furry culture for the artwork. His fursona is a grey wolf with red curly hair.


Since before the beginning of June 2019, Zooptoon has had several heated disputes with various Zoophiles on Twitter, and even sent malware to a user and doxxed them. He then later deleted the information from his computer and apologized.

He later went undercover on a Zoophilia Discord server to gather evidence of zooporn. After not finding any, he left; claiming "legal concerns."

A month later, Zooptoon falsely accused 2 Discord users of running a Zoosadist server. He went as far as to dox and publicly humiliate them on Twitter. After massive backlash and various information leaked about Zooptoon, he openly apologized to the 2 users on Twitter.

Negative rumors have been going around that Zooptoon was a "repressed" and "closeted" Zoophile, but he has since repeatedly denied accusations.


Political Cartoons[edit]

Zooptoon creates political cartoons featuring the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant mascots. Unlike traditional political cartoons, Zooptoon's artstyle is more "modern" and "newer," in which he aims his cartoons towards teens and young adults. His cartoons are much more raunchy, vulgar, and graphic than traditional cartoons. He was inspired by another political cartoonist, Stonetoss.

Political Views[edit]

Zooptoon is a registered Green Party member, however does not actively participate with the party. Zooptoon also favors the Libertarian Party. He has stated that contemplated a local office run under the Green Party ticket in 2020, but has later declined.

Zooptoon describes himself as "Socially Libertarian" and "Economically Centered."

Zooptoon is an animal welfare advocate, and is currently transitioning to become vegetarian.

Zooptoon supports Electoral Reform and Campaign Finance Reform, and openly supports Third-Party and Independent candidates running for office. He currently has five Third-Party and Independent presidential candidates following him on Twitter.

Zooptoon lastly stated to be pro-life, but does not want the government to convene in reproductive health issues. Zooptoon also does not support capital punishment.

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